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Today, February 27, 2008 is my son Will’s 18th birthday! We were only able to send him a card, since he is in Marine Corps boot camp. I’ll give a brief update on his progress, then I feature Superman’s birthday, which is February 29th, and this is a leap year. According to the Kryptonian calendar, Superman’s (Kal-El’s) birthday is the 38th day of Erox in the year 9998. I searched the web for details about the Kryptonian calendar, but really couldn’t find anything. The only thing I could find was a forum on the COMIC BOOK RESOURCES website: . According to some members of this forum, the Kryptonian year equals 1.38 Earth years.
Other important dates in Superman’s life:
May 3, 1938: the approximate date that ACTION COMICS #1, cover date June 1938, was first on sale.
June 18: Clark Kent’s birthday. In some issues of SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS, the date is given as June 10. It corresponds with the ACTION COMICS #1 cover date, and also refers to Clark’s Earth Day, or the day his rocket reached Earth and was found by the Kents. T
he remainder of the podcast features a celebration of a special day in Superman’s life: THE KEY TO FORT SUPERMAN, published in ACTION COMICS #241, June 1958.

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