Superman Fan Podcast Episode #31: Happy Birthday, Gail Simone!

Gail Simone at her Spotlight Panel at MegaCon 2013!

Gail Simone at her Spotlight Panel at MegaCon 2013!

Download Episode 31!

Gail Simone’s birthday was July 29, according to the web site The year of her birth is not listed, but it’s not polite to ask a woman her age, so we won’t go there! She has a blog: To listen to Gail talk about her career, listen to the podcast, SPOTLIGHT ON GAIL SIMONE on the DC Comics Podcast. The link for her first web site is: (The original domain name WOMEN IN REFRIGERATORS has apparently been bought by an adult web site. I haven’t checked to make sure and don’t care to know why they would want it). The link for the archive for her old weekly column for the web site is: .

I have a store at: Check out my new web comic book at titled OMNITROPOLIS, HERO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, under my comics gallery. I have posted the first page and am working on the second.

I would like to thank all of my listeners who made the month of July the most successful month for Superman Fan Podcast.

Send e-mail to Expanded show notes can be found at .

My spoiler-free comic book review blog, MY PULL LIST can be found at Send e-mail about this blog to .

Thank you once again for listening, and as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster!


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