Superman Fan Podcast Episode #45: SUPERMAN #50: The Engagement Of Clark And Lois!

Superman (vol. 2) #50!

Superman (vol. 2) #50!

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On October 23, 1990, SUPERMAN #50 was published. It was the concluding issue of the four part KRISIS OF THE KRIMSON KRYPTONITE. That story began with SUPERMAN #49, and continued in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #472, STARMAN #28, ACTION COMICS #659 and concluded with SUPERMAN #50. The story was collected as SUPERMAN: KRISIS OF THE KRIMSON KRYPTONITE trade paperback in 1996. It is no longer in print by DC Comics, but you may be able to find the TPB at or ebay.

Clark proposes to Lois early in issue #50, and Lois gives her answer on the very last page.

This episode briefly covers the basics of the Krimson Kryptonite storyline, and at the end cover the issues that show the development of Clark and Lois’ relationship beyond the professional rivalry it began with.

Next week: the perfect Superman story for Halloween: RED GLASS from SUPERMAN #56, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #479 and ACTION COMICS #666 (perfect number for Halloween, huh?). Covers for all three issues were drawn by Andy Kubert.

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Thanks for listening to SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST, and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.


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