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Mort Weisinger was born on April 25, 1915, which this year in 2009 is on a Saturday. He died on May 7, 1978, about a month before I graduated from high school.

To read some anecdotes about Mort Weisinger, and about comic book history in general, here are a few resources:

MAN OF TWO WORLDS: MY LIFE IN SCIENCE FICTION AND COMICS by Julius Schwartz with Brian M. Thomsen, published by Harper Collins in 2000. This book, by Mort’s life long best friend, is currently out of print, but can be found at various on line vendors. I found my copy through a vendor selling through

MEN OF TOMORROW: GEEKS, GANGSTERS AND THE BIRTH OF THE COMIC BOOK by Gerard Jones, published by Basic Books in 2004.

SUPERMAN: THE COMPLETE HISTORY by Les Daniels, published by Chronicle Books in 1998.

CURT SWAN: A LIFE IN COMICS by Eddy Zeno, published by Vanguard Productions in 2002.

Also, here are a few on line articles about Mort Weisinger you might find interesting:

And an interview with Mort Weisinger:

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