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Action Comics 601!

Action Comics 601!

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With the release of the 12th and final weekly issue of WEDNESDAY COMICS, this is the perfect week for DC’s first weekly comic book, ACTION COMICS WEEKLY. It ran from issue #601 – 642, from April 1988 – January 1989. Each issue was about 48 pages and contained 7 – 8 page stories of a variety of characters. Each story would run for about six or seven issues, and the cast of main characters featured would rotate. Superman was about the only character that appeared in each issue, in a two page comic strip style story, that was not my favorite of A. C. WEEKLY.

My favorite stories during Action’s weekly run involved BLACKHAWK. These are the only issues I have: #601 – 609, 615 – 622 and 628 – 635.

In this episode I review the basic plot of the Superman story and, in a SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST first, the three BLACKHAWK stories, which led to a short 16 issue BLACKHAWK title in 1989 – 1990.

At the expanded show notes blog I will list the titles and creative teams of the stories for each issue. And at MY PULL LIST blog I will begin a bi-weekly review of these BLACKHAWK issues.

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