Superman Fan Podcast Episode #103: Superman In Exile, Part IV: ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #2, 1989!

Action Comics Annual 2!

Action Comics Annual 2!

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This episode continues a series of episodes exploring the SUPERMAN IN EXILE storyline from the late 1980’s. This story was collected in the trade paperback SUPERMAN: EXILE. The featured story was printed in ACTION COMICS ANNUAL 2, 1989, published on April 11, 1989. It was 64 pages long for the price of $1.75. The cover was pencilled by George Perez and inked by Jerry Ordway. MEMORIES OF KRYPTON’S PAST was the title of the story. Writer and penciller Jerry Ordway and inker did the Warworld/Arena story, writer Roger Stern, penciller Curt Swan and inker Brett Breeding did the Superman/Attendant Lentra story and the Jor-El flashbacks, and writer and inker George Perez and penciller Mike Mignola did the Cleric story. This issue picked up the story from THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 454, May 1989. ACTION COMICS ANNUAL 2 was the first issue to be published after the last ACTION COMICS WEEKLY issue of 642 (discussed in episode 92), which was published several months earlier on January 24, 1989.

NEXT EPISODE: The fifth and final episode on the SUPERMAN IN EXILE story, covering the following issues: SUPERMAN 32, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 455, SUPERMAN 33, THE ADVENTURES 456 and ACTION COMICS 643.

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