Superman Fan Podcast Episode #155: Stuart Immonen!

(Top L to R:) Superman 87, March 1994 & Superman 88, April 1994! (Bottom L to R:) Action Comics 758, October 1999 & The Final Night 1 (of 4), all November 1996!

(Top L to R:) Superman 87, March 1994 & Superman 88, April 1994!
(Bottom L to R:) Action Comics 758, October 1999 & The Final Night 1 (of 4), all November 1996!

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Stuart Immonen has had a long career as a comic book artist and writer. His wife Kathryn also works in the industry as a writer. Stuart studied art at York University in Toronto. His first comic book work was the self published series PLAYGROUND. Stuart began working for DC Comics and Marvel in 1993.

I was first exposed to Stuarts art on the title THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (vol. IV, better known as the “5 Years Later Legion”), beginning with issue 39, January 1993. He stayed on the title through issues 61 and 0 (a ZERO HOUR tie-in) and LEGIONNAIRES 10, January 1994.

Stuart also worked as penciller, and sometimes plotter/writer on the Superman titles:

– SUPERMAN 87 and 88, March and April 1994.

– THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 520, February 1995 – 550, September 1997.

– Stuart contributed art for SUPERMAN; THE WEDDING ALBUM, December 1996.

– ACTION COMICS 738, October 1997 – 758, October 1999.

He also wrote and pencilled SUPERMAN: END OF THE CENTURY in 2000.

He also did two webcomics: NEVER AS BAD AS YOU THINK and MOVING PICTURES, which took place during WWII and had the Nazi theft of Europe’s art treasures as a backdrop. MOVING PICTURES was published in a softcover by Top Shelf Productions during the summer of 2010.

The Stuart Immonen stories featured on this episode:

– SUPERMAN 87 and 88, parts I and V of the 5 issue BIZARRO’S WORLD storyline that crossed over the Superman titles cover dated March and part of April 1994.

– ACTION COMICS 758, October 1999 (Triangle No. 1999:38)

– FINAL NIGHT, a four part miniseries that crossed over the entire DC Universe. It brought back the classic Legion nemesis Sun Eater to threaten Earth’s Sun. It was published weekly, carrying the cover date of November 1996, and was published in September of that year.


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