Superman Fan Podcast Episode #157: Happy Birthday, Al Plastino!

(L to R:) Al Plastino, Action Comics 120, May 1948 & Action Comics 361, March 1968!

(L to R:) Al Plastino, Action Comics 120, May 1948 & Action Comics 361, March 1968!

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Al Plastino was born on December 15, 1921 in New York City. He is best known as one of the artists on the Superman family of titles for DC Comics. Al was also the artist to a number of comic strips. To learn more about Al Plastino you can go to his own website: . There you can learn more about his career and view samples of his comic book art and his paintings. There is even a video interview, so you can hear his voice yourself. There is some static in the background, but otherwise the sound is fine.

There are two other interviews with Al Plastino that you can listen to online: . .

The two Al Plastino Superman stories featured in this episode are:

– ACTION COMICS 120, May 1948, published around March 19, 1948. SUPERMAN, STUNT MAN was written by Alvin Schwartz.

– ACTION COMICS 361, March 1968, published on January 30, 1968. THE POWER OF THE PARASITE was written by Jim Shooter.

There is no reprint information for either story.

Next Episode: The 3rd Annual Superman Christmas Story: METROPOLIS MAILBAG: SUPERMAN 64!

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