Superman Fan Podcast Episode #158: Metropolis Mailbag: Superman #64!

Superman 64, February 1992!

Superman 64, February 1992!


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For the third annual Superman Christmas episode, the featured story is METROPOLIS MAILBAG, from SUPERMAN 64, February 1992, published on December 17, 1991 (the very day my daughter was born). METROPOLIS MAILBAG (which was also the name of the long running letter column in the SUPERMAN title) was written by Dan Jurgens, drawn by Jackson (now Butch) Guice, lettered by John Costanza and colored by Glenn Whitmore. The assistant editor was Dan Thorsland, and Mike Carlin was the editor. The cover was pencilled by Dan Jurgens and inked by Brett Breeding.

It turns out that Santa Claus isn’t the only one who gets mail from around the world.


Coming to the podcast airwaves in January 2011: THE THRILLING ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN podcast, hosted by Michael Bradley, who has written to this podcast. At the end of this episode you can hear a promo for his new podcast. Check it out at .

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