Episode #218 Part VIII: Megacon 2012: Nick Cardy: The Artist At War Panel!

Episode #218 Part VIII!

Left to Right: Nick Cardy and Renee Witterstaetter.

Download Episode #218 Part VIII!

NICK CARDY: THE ARTIST AT WAR had a limited press run, so to check on the availability of copies of the book, send an e-mail to evaink@aol.com.

To learn more about Nick Cardy, visit his website.

To learn more about Renee Witterstaetter, visit her blog, as well as her publishing company, Eva Ink and the Eva Ink Artist Group.

Next Week: MEGACON 2012 WRAP UP!

In 2 weeks we will return to our regularly scheduled trips through the time barrier to visit the Silver Age Of Comic Books: THE SUPERMAN FAMILY OF COMIC BOOKS COVER DATED JUNE  1957: SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 21!


Check out SLIPSTREAM, the weekly web comic book I’m drawing and lettering, which is written by Jeffrey Taylor, co-host of the FROM CRISIS TO CRISIS PODCAST and contributor to the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE. New pages of SLIPSTREAM can be found each Saturday at http://www.clockworkcomics.co.uk. Adam Dechanel, another contributor to the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE, also writes and draws E. O. S. for Clockwork Comics, and new pages are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman!

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